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35 Years Ago in Bristol, CT Randall founded a 2-man, 5-screw machine shop with the skills he had learned from his father William. In just four years the operation grew by 4x, making Randy upgrade to a 4000 square foot industrial building in Terryville, CT. For the next couple years growth was inevitable. Building additions and new top of the line CNC machines just to name a few.

Over the years the growth has continued, including a 5,000 square foot expansion in 2014 to bring the building to 12,000 square feet total.

The expansion has continued, the experience has grown, however the hard-work, passion, and core values have not.

As you can see family is very important to the Spargo family. It all started with William teaching Randy the skills and science of screw machines. Then Randy passing down the knowledge to his two kids, Bill and Ben at a young age got them hooked on the family business. Bill has fond memories of being in the shop as a young boy helping out his father.


This passion at a young age has now turned into Bill becoming a partner in the business today as Randy, deservedly so, see's retirement on the horizon after years and years of hard work. Although it is likely that Randy will always be a part of the business he created.

Family Owned. Family Operated.

Although the company has grown over the last 35+ years, being a family owned business is what sets Spargo Machine Products apart. We have that small family business feel that allows us to service out customers completely. No long wait times, always someone available for questions, and just great customer service.

Photos Throughout The Years

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